This Phone At A Glance:

Acts as ModemBluetoothBusinessCameraEmailEVDOHTCMediaMP3 PlayerOrganiserPC SyncPDAs and Pocket PCsQWERTY KeyboardRSSSlideSlimSmart PhonesSMS Text MessagingSpeakerphoneVideoVideo RecordingVoice Activated DialingWeb EnabledWiFiWindows Mobile

The HTC Mogul features a full mobile office environment. This includes Windows Mobile® 6, Microsoft® Office, e-mail, rich Internet content. All this fits into a compact, slim smart phone - including a slide-out QWERTY keyboard! This phone seriously replaces the laptop in mobile situations.

Access your email, use it as a broadband modem for your laptop, quickly use voice-activated-dialing, send texts and multimedia messages.

Take hi-res photos, record and send video, use it as a full-featured media player.

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