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Motorola Stature i9 Overview

Motorola Stature i9

Motorola Stature i9

The Motorola Stature i9 is an updated version of the Razr, at least in the overall appearance with its thin and boxy profile that is very reminiscent of the over five year old Razr V3.  So far it’s the only flashy Motorola cellular phone that Sprint Nextel has picked up to offer to its customers, unlike the original Razr that eventually swept the cellular phone market.  The Stature i9 comes with a nice glossy outer skin with big external display and flat keypad and tactile touch controls, making it a nice phone to carry around in your pocket.  Is it a sexy Nextel phone?  Consumers are definitely referring to it that way.

List of key features

  • Talk time up to 180 minutes
  • Two way radio
  • Digital music player
  • Digital camera
  • Bluetooth capability

Good points

  • The phone, much like the Razr features a sleek design that consumers like
  • The display is big, colorful and clear
  • Comes with all the same features as the original Razr consumers are used to
  • The call quality is good

Bad points

  • The keypad on the phone is stiff and flat making it hard to use at times, especially for texting
  • The controls are the same as the keypad – slow and stiff
  • The camera is a 3.1 megapixel camera but the photo quality is average and the camera is slow in taking pictures.  It’s not designed for quick movement


The Stature i9 is a nice phone that is the middle ground for communication use with it’s built in walkie talkie and multimedia.  The push to talk feature is nice and with Bluetooth capability you can easily use a headset and keep your hands free.  The call quality is good but sometimes the voices sound a little robotic.  For the most part, the Stature i9 is a good mid-ranged phone that offers you plenty of features for a decent price. Available on Sprint/Nextel.

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