This Phone At A Glance:

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The Sony Ericsson W760a is a slider form-factor, Walkman handset that is a solid piece of technology. The W760a is specifically designed for the young at heart, meaning that special attention has been paid to the music and gaming features. This is not to say it doesn't look serious. This is a great looking, quality phone.

Fun features include: a shake control which is used to to shuffle music tracks, navigation playlists, plus adjust volume; an accelerometer (motion sensor) allowing navigation of some games by tilt control. When the slider is shut, the W760a can display music and games in landscape mode, like the iPhone. Note that this is not a touch screen phone.

Technically speaking, this is the first Walkman-line phone to feature tri-band HSDPA and is supposedly an improvement on the previous Walkman branded phones. The W760a is a well made phone that is built to last.

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