This Phone At A Glance:

3GActs as ModemBlackberryBluetoothCameraEdgeEmailGPSMP3 PlayerOrganiserPC SyncQWERTY KeyboardRIMSMS Text MessagingSpeakerphoneVideoVideo RecordingVoice Activated DialingWeb EnabledWiFi

Rendering web pages, streaming video and email support is a piece of cake with the BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone thanks to the 128MB Flash memory and the 624MHz mobile processor that power the WiFi and HSDPA support. As if that wasn't enough it also features an on board GPS receiver.

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone is beautifully designed with the best screen to date, with a bright and vivid color display and there is no lag in streaming video. The Battery life is excellent, it is easy to set up emails and the QWERTY board is the best one on the market.

Get your cheap Blackberry Bold 9000 smartphone today!

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