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RIM Blackberry Tour 9630

RIM Blackberry Tour 9630

The RIM Blackberry Tour 9630 is the perfect cell phone for people who need a solid internet connection wherever they go. The developers of the RIM Blackberry Tour 9630 took it around the world to see if it could pick up the internet from anywhere, which gave this cell phone the name of the RIM Blackberry Tour 9630. There is something for everyone in this mobile phone. It provides high quality entertainment capabilities, high-speed connectivity and it will keep users connected from anywhere on the planet. It has a smooth design with a black finish, making this cell phone pleasing to look at as well as to use.

The RIM Blackberry Tour 9630 cell phone allows users to view pictures in multiple formats, including JPEG and BMP. There is plenty of storage space on the phone to save songs that are downloaded from VCAST and the audio quality through the built-in speaker is excellent. The RIM Blackberry Tour 9630 incorporates the use of Blackberry based instant messaging and email services. The RIM Blackberry Tour 9630 also incorporates an on-board camera that allows users to take pictures and to record video that they can share with friends and family. Pictures and video can be viewed on a 2.5 inch, high resolution screen.

rim_bakckberry2The RIM Blackberry Tour 9630 is a versatile cell phone that was designed to connect to the internet from anywhere on the planet. It is great for keeping people connected, entertained and organized. Users can connect their RIM Blackberry Tour 9630 to their computer to swap mp3s and other files. It’s design makes it easy to hold in the hand and it’s black finish is smooth to the touch. The RIM Blackberry Tour 9630 cellphone is a great multimedia phone that will help users stay connected and entertained. Monthly plans for this mobile phone start at $60 and this includes free activation.

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