These days everyone is mobile crazy. Tablet this, cell phone that, apps, apps, and more apps! Mobile devices are here to stay and are the main way many people use the Internet now. Even if they are on a computer a few hours a day at work, they will be on the Internet via their phone or tablet for the other 20 hours a day! A recent study showed that around 60% of adults browse the web from their cell phone every night of the week.

If you are not available when people tweet/tag/notify/message/email/text you then you are missing out on some precious moments.

We understand that phones are confusing, expensive, and never stop being upgraded! That’s OK for the geeks and technology addicts. But what about for the rest of us? We want something that works and lets us join in the global conversation. And we don’t want to spend all our money to do it! That’s why we set up this site – to help you find a good choice of phone, for the cheapest price.

We’ve categorised all phones by brand, feature and what they are good at – please use the menu on the right of the page to find the best phone for you! Alternatively start with the most popular options below.

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