Echoing Nokia’s decision to micro-size the N97, HTC have presented the HD2 Mini at Mobile World Congress. The HD2 is a fantastic piece of hardware and our favourite Windows Mobile 6.5 handset, but for many its sheer size was offputting, which is precisely where the HD2 Mini comes in.

Here are the key features found on the new mini-wonder:

* Windows Mobile 6.5.3.

* A 5 megapixel camera.

* A 3.5mm jack socket.

* 3.2″ HVGA touchscreen.

* 3G with HSDPA.

* Wi-Fi and GPS.

Aside from the inch or so shaved off the screen size, the biggest difference between the HD2 and the HD2 Mini happens internally, and not just in the expected way either. The big difference we refer to is the lack of Snapdragon power, with the Mini making do with a 600MHz processor instead. While this will be no slouch, it maybe won’t have the zip displayed by the fullsize HD2.

The other internal difference is hidden behind the rear cover. Unscrew the exposed fitting and a bright yellow battery and chassis is exposed, making the Mini look as good with the back off as on! Windows Mobile has once more been obscured by HTC Sense, and the HD2 Mini will gain the latest version seen on the new HTC Legend and Desire, also launched at the press conference. Aside from some unseen changes to functions including the browser and email widgets, Sense gets Leap, an exploded view of all the homepages you have created and direct access to the one you want, plus Friend Stream, which keeps all your friend’s social networking updates in one list.

Finally, anyone wondering if the HD2 Mini will ever see an upgrade to Windows Phone 7 Series will be disappointed, as HTC have said this won’t be happening. Otherwise, Europe will be seeing the HD2 Mini on stores around April, with prices to be announced.