Those of you with Verizon cell phones, who use Skype on your smart phone, will be happy with the latest news. Verizon has announced that 9 smart phones on their network will be granted unlimited Skype usage. How cool is that?!

Note, this means that Verizon users will be able to use Skype over the Verizon wireless network, not just over Wifi, like they can already do with the iPhone on AT&T.

Why are they doing this? Verizon say they want to encourage more users to use advanced smart phones, thereby providing a platform for delivery of more innovative mobile applications. Phone models from Blackberry, HTC, and Motorola are part of this new plan.

That said, there have been varying reports on the call quality of Skype over 3G. You do need a fast connection for it to be usable. But I predict this will improve rapidly over the coming month.