I just had to write about this. Frontline SMS is a cell phone manufacturer who specialise in using cell phones for medical applications. Their main product is the Frontline SMS: Medic. Have a look at their website and you’ll see their motto: Text Messages Save Lives.

No, this is not a cheap cell phone for every day use. The idea is to create a powerful network using cheap cell phones, which can be rolled out in unstable areas and allow medical staff to more easily diagnose and report on patients.

This company is truly out to make a difference: their software is open source (free) and their phones will retail for under USD$15! Currently the system is being used at clinics in Malawi and Uganda (Africa).

You can help

  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Tell your friends about their website: http://medic.frontlinesms.com/
  • Write your own blog post about them

Let’s all help these guys get their message out there and help save lives.