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Cell Phone CodesNokia

All cell phones have an operating system that goes on behind the scenes much like your pc and laptop. Make the most of your Nokia Phone by using the following secret codes.

Note: You will need to press the “*” button on your Nokia handset to get the “+” & “p,w” symbols used in the Nokia Cell Codes below.

and *#9999# – to display the version of your Nokia Cell Phone.

#pw+1234567890+4# – To see if your SIM card is locked or unlocked.

*3370# – To enhance the quality of the sound on your Nokia.

*4720# – Lower the sound quality of your Nokia and gain 30% more talk time.

*#30# – Use this code to see who called from a private number.

Do you know any other codes for your Cheap Nokia Phone? Please add them below! Thanks 🙂

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