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T-Mobile Dash 3G

T-Mobile Dash 3G

The T-Mobile Dash 3G is a smart-phone that is loaded with organizational and messaging capabilities.  It features the traditional black design that is common with smart phones.  The T-Mobile Dash 3G is perfect for people who need to remain organized and connected throughout their day.   It is lightweight and it fits comfortably in the hand when in use.  The T-Mobile Dash 3G features a trackball, which allow users to easily navigate the menu system without having to use extra buttons.  The keyboard has a slick, curved design that makes sending texts and composing emails easy to do without hitting the wrong keys.

The T-Mobile Dash 3G features a 2.0 Megapixel camera that allows users to take and share pictures wherever they go.  It also allows users to download their favorite songs into the internal memory to be played through the quality speaker sound.  The T-Mobile Dash 3G cell phone  is a great phone for organizing, it’s design is geared toward those busy professionals who need to keep track of important events and meetings, while still retaining entertainment capabilities.

The T-Mobile Dash 3G cell phone was designed to have outstanding messaging capabilities as well as unlimited entertainment options.  People who buy the T-Mobile Dash 3G will be impressed with these features.  Those of us who need a phone that will provide easy-to-use messaging, entertainment and organizational features, then the T-Mobile Dash 3G is the phone that will fill these needs.   Users can surf the internet with the easy navigation systems to check email, watch Youtube videos or to read the latest news headlines.   The camera is great for taking pictures to send to friends and family without the traditional yellow-tint that is apparent with most other camera phones.

The T-Mobile Dash 3G is the perfect phone for staying connected and organized while on the go.  Monthly plans for this phone start at $50.

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T-Mobile Dash 3G

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