Well it’s been a few weeks now and Windows Phone 7 is still getting rave reviews from journalists around the world. For example the Manila Bulletin (Philipines) has a good overview of the good things about Windows Phone 7.

Seems people are referring to it as the Microsoft Zune Phone too. We’ll see if that lasts.

Meanwhile it seems, the current Apple-HTC lawsuit regarding smartphone design patents could also hit Microsoft’s upcoming phones where it hurts. This is around the touch screen, and lack of physical keyboard, in particular. Apple’s also gone after Nokia, so perhaps Microsoft shall be next?

Other noteworthy Windows Phone 7 News this week is that the new OS will not run the current apps supported by Windows Mobile 6.5 and earlier. They are effectively starting fresh with a new software architecture. While this puts pressure on app developers, I think it’s intelligent. Backward compatibility is the main reason that Windows has taken so long to become stable! It’s a “clean break” if you will.

There was a cool demo last week where they showed the exact same game being played on Windows Phone 7, XBOX 360, and Windows 7. This really showed the power of the WP7 OS and hardware, as well as the universal Zune platform. Eric also showed how easy it is for developers to take advantage of this. Here’s a video of the demo!


It thought it was very cool how you can continue the same save game over different platforms. It remembers your progress when you switch platforms! That is really taking advantage of our current connected state.

That’s the main Windows Phone 7 News for this week!