This Phone At A Glance:

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Released in Europe in March 2008, the LG KF700 cell phone is famous for having three input mechanisms: touch screen, alpha-numeric keys, and Shortcut Dial. The touch screen is 3 inches, which is large enough for mobile movie viewing. The size of the screen also means its big enough to accommodate a flexible user interface, instead of the usual few button Nokia navigation keys.

What is Shortcut Dial?
This is a unique feature. Located on the back of the phone, Shortcut Dial allows the user to select 6 features which are available on a ‘virtual’ (created by graphics on the touch screen) dial. This allows the top 6 favourite features to be quickly accessed with a finger swipe and a click. Kind of like the Nokia Go To feature but much cooler and quicker to use. The Shortcut Dial is also used for navigation, volume control, scrolling on web pages, and so on.

A powerful web-enabled phone, the LG KF700 is equipped with a fast 3G internet connection, 3MP camera, MPEG video, MP3 player, Bluetooth, Google Maps compatibility and much more.

A very cool phone!

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