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LG Rhythm Overview

lg rhythm What exactly do you use your cellular phone for? Obviously phone calls are the main answer but when it comes to additional features, that question must be answered in order to find the perfect phone. If you are a music lover and want a phone that has a built in music player, then the LG Rhythm is probably the best one on the market today. The audio quality is excellent and the unique style and design of phone is popular. It also comes in a few colors, including pink for those ladies who want something a bit more feminine looking.

List of key features

  • Up to 200 minutes talk time
  • Digital camera
  • Digital player
  • FM radio

Good points

  • Handset is a slider style with a mechanical scroll wheel with touch screen for easy navigation.
  • Excellent sound quality on the phone.
  • The music player has been improved and includes an equalizer.

Bad points

  • The touch center on the scroll wheel takes some getting used to if you have never worked with one before.
  • The picture quality of the camera leaves something to be desired with its mediocre pictures.


The LG Rhythm is basically an updated LG Chocolate with a better music player and easier controls. The Rhythm is the best music player phone on the market, and with the new equalizer settings on the phone the music player itself is definitely what the consumer who uses their phone as an MP3 player will want. With the same slider design the Chocolate featured, the Rhythm is a fun phone that comes in a variety of colors, including a very nice pink that will appeal to the ladies. If you are not interested in taking pictures with your phone, then you will not care that the camera is a bit less than optimal. Overall, this is the best music phone to date.

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