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Samsung Instinct HD SPH-M850 Overview

Samsung Instinct HD SPH-M850

Samsung Instinct HD SPH-M850

Users of Samsung cellular phones that are hesitant about switching brands will like the Samsung Instinct HD.  It’s a nice phone that packs a lot of punch with all of the features it includes, and while it thinks it’s a smartphone, it’s not.  With its touch screen display and attractive design, the Instinct HD is a tad pricey when compared to competitor cellular phones.  The choice is yours however, and if you decide you like this phone then you will not be disappointed with the features it comes with.

List of key features

  • Talk time of up to 342 minutes
  • HD Digital camera
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Touch screen

Good points

  • The phone has a nice attractive design appealing to consumers
  • The user interface is easy to use
  • The display is bright and easy to read
  • The camera offers both high quality photo and video capability
  • The phone is loaded with features including internet access and Wi-Fi

Bad points

  • The call quality on the phone is not the best and it can be sluggish at times
  • Opera 9.7 browser is loaded on the phone and takes time to get used to
  • The memory card slot for the instinct HD is located behind the battery cover.


For the most part the Samsung Instinct HD is a good phone and an improvement on the earlier S30 version.  The phone is slimmer than its predecessor and offers a lot more features than before.  For a multimedia phone it is excellent but whether or not you want to call it a smart phone is a matter of debate.  The price tag that comes with this phone should make it a smart phone, but it’s not.  The best feature of the Instinct is the high definition digital camera.  Overall, a nice phone but maybe not quite worth the price tag attached to it. Available on Sprint/Nextel.

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