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Pantech Breeze Overview

Pantech Breeze

Pantech Breeze

Pantech is one of the few cellular phone companies out there that did their market research and did it well.  They recognized the need for senior citizens and cell phone users with disabilities to have a phone that was simple and easy to use with larger features that they could easily see.  The Pantech Breeze is the phone that came out of their research, and not only does it appeal to the elderly it also appeals to anyone who is looking for an entry-level cellular phone.  In other words, this phone is an option when teaching youngsters how to use a phone.

List of key features

  • Up to 180 minutes talk time
  • Digital camera
  • Bluetooth capability

Good points

  • The phone is a slim flip phone with a bright and easy to read display with big fonts
  • The keypad is large with tactile keys
  • Interface on the phone is easy to use
  • It comes with three quick-call emergency keys
  • It has a VGA camera and texting ability

Bad points

  • While the other keys are raised, the three quick call keys are smooth on the phone’s surface and hard to get to in a hurry


The Pantech Breeze is giving its competitors a run for their money as more and more senior citizens are getting tech savvy.  While it is an easy to use cellular phone that is pretty basic with its large keys and big fonts, it still offers the ability to enjoy text messaging, some multimedia functions and a VGA camera.  It is really a nice basic phone for anyone that is looking for something to keep in their vehicles for emergency purposes or who simply have no use for the other features.  Plus, the Breeze would be a good starter phone for a tween or teen as it so basic and has a pretty nice price tag attached to it in the event they lose it.

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