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lg-lotus-phone With a new eye-catching design and some of the best features a cellular phone can offer, the LG Lotus is one of the most popular messaging phones Sprint is currently offering.  It is a clamshell phone that provides the consumer with a full QWERTY keyboard, and while the digital camera on the phone has fewer megapixels than some of the Lotus’ competitors it still serves the purpose of snapping that quick photo to preserve the moment.  With Sprint’s 3G services included, the LG Lotus is a nice little phone packed with some good features.

List of key features

  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • Music player
  • Up to 330 minutes call time

Good points

  • The phone is equipped with Sprint’s 3G services
  • Call quality is good
  • Keyboard is easy to use and very tactile
  • Comes with the One Click shortcut interface

Bad points

  • The camera is only 2.0 megapixels where most cellular phones on today’s market are 3.0 megapixels or more
  • Texting is a bit on the slow side
  • Switching between applications has a lag


The LG Lotus is definitely designed to be a messaging phone although there is a problem with the application being a bit slow at times.  We’re not sure if this is the phone or the service, but it is bearable and most consumers have no problem with it.  The sleek style and shape of the Lotus is unique and it offers consumers EV-DO and all of the 3G services Sprint carries.  It is an expensive phone compared to some of the company’s other choices, but overall it lives up to its expectations and services, especially if you do a lot of text messaging or simple phone calling.

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